We offer beef, pork and sheep meat. The way we raise our animals is certainly not the most profitable way to raise meat animals, but we feel the best way. We allow our animals to naturally wean. This means the animals take much longer to be ready for processing.


We have a special process we use when finishing our beef cattle, it’s our proprietary method, but I can say it involves apples, pumpkins, and molasses. This process gives the meat a great flavor and also helps with tenderness. We also dry age our beef 14 days, enhancing the tenderness of the meat. We offer our beef either by pre-order ½ and ¼ steers or by the cut at our Ranch Store.


Our hogs are fed a steady diet of apples during their life cycle. When processed we only make two products, using the entire hog. We make our soon to be famous mild breakfast sausage and bratwurst.  These are also both available at our Ranch Store.


Our Lambs are American Black Bellies, once again not the best commercial sheep to raise, because they take longer to get to maturity. However their meat is milder and better tasting, so it’s worth the wait. Our lamb meat is also only sold at our Ranch Store. (We seem to always have a limited supply, so it’s always best to call in advance for lamb.)


All of our meat products are processed by a USDA certified processor and all packages carry a USDA inspection stamp.


So if you are looking for quality meats for your family, from animals you know have been raised in a humane way, then you should stop by Ridenour Ranch or give us a call.